Street Style: Ft. Kris Brown ‘14


Nancy: Thank you for taking the time to interview with the Dartmouth Fashion Council! One of our club’s missions is to showcase the diversity of student styles here at Dartmouth. Let us begin with a simple question—why beige?

Kris: My affinity for beige has its origins in middle school: I owned two tabby cats and a grey (female) kitten and loved them dearly. However, given that my outfit back then was black on black, I would noticibly accumulate vast quantities of cat hair when snuggling, and my consequent ragamuffin appearance thusly garnered me endless teasing. Dejected and distraught, I thought there was no way I could play with my cats without social consequence. And that’s when I discovered beige.

Nancy: Is there any meaning behind your pairing of two slightly-off shades of beige?

Kris: They would have matched perfectly if I had the resources.


Nancy: What was the inspiration behind this outfit?

Kris: It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing an ‘outfit’ per se. Getting dressed is such an effortless experience that it feels natural. If I opened my dresser this morning and picked clothes at random, I likely would come up with something like this.

Nancy: So this outfit is representative of the rest of your wardrobe?

Kris: Yes, in many ways. All my outfits are monochromatic, and those colours are invariably earth tones. I find consistency in colour is comforting, in some deeply-rooted, ineffable way. My other outfits are also, one might say, loose-fitting. I grew up in a conservative household that viewed tight-fitted clothes (most notably skinny jeans) as symptomatic of the pervasive liberalism plaguing our generation. As a consequence of that, I have grown up living this counternarrative.


Nancy: Khaki or corduroy?

Kris: Well, that question could be distilled to a more elemental question: do you care more about looks or touch? While you can’t argue that khaki doesn’t look sharp, personally, running my hands along the thick wales of a sample of corduroy is an electrifying experience.

Nancy: Speaking of wales, the intricate layering of vertical lines that your outfit exhibits initially drew me to this photoshoot. What was your motivation behind this pairing?

Kris: I’m really glad you noticed, Nancy.




Nancy: What do you think of the ‘Ivy League look’?

Kris: Like so many things I dislike, Ivy League fashion has become a parody of itself. Salmon shorts, Sperrys, Dartmouth T-shirts, sunglasses, “J” Crew – need I say more? I’ve voiced criticism of how flashy everything has to be these days to peers. I think they’re overcompensating; they think I’m reverse-overcompensating. On that point we have to agree to disagree.


Nancy: How does one incorporate more beige into an outfit like this, and is that recommended? Put alternatively, how much beige is too much?

Kris Brown: Quite frankly, there’s nothing more I can do short of getting a tan. [chuckles] After all, I sport brownish hair, brownish eyes, brownish shoes, socks-once-white-but-now-aged-gracefully-to-a-brownish-hue. As for the question of “too much,” let’s just say I’ve gotten some arguably positive feedback from the ladies.

Nancy: What do the ladies think of this outfit?

Kris: Does that include family?


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See ya in a bit!

Here at Dartmouth College, the end of term is fast approaching. This means our bloggers have their brains focused on finals and a much needed spring break. Regular posting will resume during the second week of spring term, March 31st.

Until then,
Stay fabulous,

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Playing with Pastels

                Pastels are lovely muted hues that can give a feminine, romantic, yet playful feeling to an outfit. Though, with Easter approaching, you should certainly wear this fashion carefully, lest you be mistaken for a dyed egg or the Easter bunny! But don’t worry too much—as long as you choose your colors wisely, you can easily avoid abusing this cute style. When wearing pastels, you could go for a minimalist approach, sporting just a few pastel accents or accessories. Nonetheless, you are also welcome to opt for a more noticeable pastel garment, which can often be safely paired with relatively neutral-colored clothing. However, if you care to be a little bolder, you could actually pair a pastel garment with another pastel piece; this strategy can yield a super-chic outfit if you select the proper shades. That is, go for a pair of colors that are near each other on the color wheel or that don’t contrast sharply: blue and purple, for instance, or pink and yellow.  These pairs complement one another and work together to enhance, but not overwhelm, an outfit. Thus, worn properly, pastels are a wonderful style to experiment with to brighten up your daily attire—just be sure not to overdo them!

 Wearing pastels can be a breeze if you just follow the color wheel!

- Gina 

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Seeing Black & White

If you’re searching for a bold style—great for both day and night affairs—consider pairing black and white in your outfits. This high-contrast style is daring yet versatile and can be worn in combination with various prints and accents. Whether you sport black-and-white stripes, checkers, or houndstooth, this color combination can work flawlessly sans much effort. You could opt for almost completely black-and-white attire or throw on some wildly printed or bright accessories, like neon shoes or a leopard clutch—it’s totally up to you, so get creative! Clearly, black and white is no longer just for zebras: it’s a pretty great duo for any follower of fashion.

black and white stripe striped stripes pants

This outfit is edgy but cool; the model looks bold without seeming to try very hard. The brightly colored shirt underneath the black leather-like jacket makes the clothing pop. And, honestly, what’s not to love about those super-cute striped pants?

black and white chic

Here’s Marie Claire’s take on the black-and-white trend. They go for completely black and white attire with their high-fashion twist. Perhaps it’s not as user-friendly as the above style, but it’s nonetheless chic.


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A Love of Lace

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may find yourself searching for some more romantic attire to enhance your ordinary, everyday apparel. You may want to consider lace clothing and embellishments for a traditionally delicate, subtle, and feminine style. Whether it composes an entire shirt or simply embellishes an otherwise plain article of clothing, lace can easily add a romantic twist to any outfit. This design is understated yet intricate; from a distance, it may not be noticeable, but nearby, you, undoubtedly, will admire its elaborate pattern. Though lace can be found in more conventional, muted hues like pastels, you can also come across brighter and bolder designs if you care to be more daring. Surprisingly, lace is more versatile than you might expect; in fact, it need not always create a sense of femininity, but instead can be worn for both more casual and more edgy looks. So, whether you’re searching for a romantic style or just feel like experimenting with a different fashion, you should definitely consider buying some lace for your wardrobe!

This top is more casual yet edgy with its solid black color and subtle lace embellishment on the shoulder.

This top is more casual yet edgy with its solid black color and subtle lace embellishment on the shoulder.

The lovely, bright blue hue of this lace crop top makes this outfit pop.

The lovely, bright blue hue of this lace crop top makes this outfit pop.

This twist on the little black dress is perfect for a date with your valentine!

This twist on the little black dress is perfect for a date with your valentine!



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Random Googling: “fashion art”

As I sat in my senior seminar art studio, pondering topics for this post, I decided to randomly start googling for inspiration. I typed in “fashion art,” curious about what I would find. I thought, I like fashion. I like art.

But Google sometimes scares me.

So anyway the third image on the page was this really cool image collage on a Julie Gartha blog. After some careful investigation I found that the actual artist who created the work, “Defragmentation of Beauty,” was a photographer by the name of Marcin Tyszka. The collaged art pieces were shown with the actual images from the shoot for 25 Magazine.

Black and white fashion photography combined selectively with marker drawings and paint.

What else do you need?

fashion art collage Julie Gartha Defragmentation of Beauty photographer Marcin Tyszka 25 Magazine Black and white fashion photography marker drawings paint

fashion art collage Julie Gartha Defragmentation of Beauty photographer Marcin Tyszka 25 Magazine Black and white fashion photography marker drawings paintfashion art collage Julie Gartha Defragmentation of Beauty photographer Marcin Tyszka 25 Magazine Black and white fashion photography marker drawings paint



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DIY: Roses for Your Valentine

Looking for a cute gift to give your friends or special someone this Valentine’s Day? Don’t have obscene amounts of money to spend on flowers and chocolate? Well, you can recycle a few spoons from Collis and create a beautiful gift all at once: a plastic spoon rose.



Here’s what you’ll need:

* 8-12 Plastic Spoons

* A Pair of Scissors

* A Heat Source and Lighter

* Tweezers

Hold the spoons over the heat source until they curl inwards. When it reaches your desired shape, heat the neck of the spoon until it is malleable enough to cut with scissors. Leave some plastic at the end so that you can heat it and attach it to the rest of the rose.



I made one of these as a necklace for an ABC party last term and it was a big hit. My only cautionary tales:

* If you’re not careful, your fingers WILL get burnt.

* Open your windows. If trying this for the first time, chances are you will burn a spoon. And burnt plastic? That doesn’t smell nice.

* Handle your rose carefully. Melting extra plastic to fill in gaps (as mentioned in the video) actually becomes a must. The rose, even after the plastic has hardened, is extremely delicate. I should know; my shattered when I dropped it!

So, good luck and have fun! Morph your plastic spoons into a rose or even a bouquet (if you’re feeling really dedicated).


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Seeking a Stylish Sneaker

Most days, especially if I’m walking around a lot—say, shopping in town or on campus to classes—I find it’s a lot more comfortable to wear a pair of sneakers than high heels or even ballet flats. Of course, this observation is probably pretty obvious. However, just because you’re wearing sneakers does not mean that you can’t be fashionable. I’ve found plenty of styles that are quite edgy and chic, not merely athletic or drab. From my middle school years I recall the popularity of Converses—a brand whose high-tops I remain fairly fond of. Perhaps one of my best buys, nonetheless, was a pair of gold Coach sneakers that I bought on sale at DSW and have worn entirely too much. With the wide variety of sneakers available, these shoes can range from sporty or girly to daring or more high-fashion. If you’re someone who walks often, like me, and you don’t want to kill your feet, give these comfy yet cute shoes a try.

floral sneaker dsw black rose rosey flowers flower pink cute girly high top high-top hi hi-top



A rosy floral pattern gives these high-top sneakers a subtly girly feel that contrasts boldly with the solid black laces and sole.





guess sneaker sneakers sequins sequin black sparkle sparkles sparkly glitter glittery glitz hi-top high-top hi high top dsw



I love the use of sequins in these Guess shoes! And the gray color is so versatile!







puma sneakers sneaker hi-top high-top hi high top purple violet pink fuschia athletic girly cute  


 If you’re going for a more athletic look, I’ve found that pairs with bright colors are quite trendy.






- Gina

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Rent the Runway


Rent the runway fashion clothes online shopping rent rentals rental

Looking for the perfect to dress to wear for a wedding, formal, or even just a date, but don’t want to put too much of a dent in your pocket? Rent the Runway is the answer to all of your problems. Rent the Runway is an online source for renting clothing for special occasions. The website features an expansive collection of designer dresses and accessories through which you can search. You can search by designer, price, occasion, length, style and color to make your search even simpler. Once you’ve selected what you want to buy, you can order the items for a 4-day or 8-day rental period. Rent the Runway will send you the dress in the size you’ve selected, the same dress you’ve selected in a different size of your choosing (just in case the original size doesn’t fit), Spanx and fashion tape! Your item(s) will arrive by 8PM on your requested delivery date and you’ll be able to step out and dazzle everyone you see! After your special occasion, you can send your items back in the envelope Rent the Runway provides for you. You don’t even have to worry about keeping the dress clean: Rent the Runway takes care the dry-cleaning. Other features of the website include: “Go-To Girl Advice” as well as customer reviews and photos. Additionally, you get 25 dollars off your first purchase!

Rent the Runway is perfect because it allows you to wear a high-caliber dress once, for a low price, without letting it whither away in your closet. (I bet your prom dress is sitting in your closet back home with no purpose!). Like the website itself states, “Think of us as your best friend—with a much bigger closet!”


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Sale Spotlight: ASOS

January and February are fantastic months to be on the lookout for sales because stores are trying to get rid of everything in effort to make space for their spring inventory.

ASOS is just one of many places practically giving away clothes right now with up to 70% off already reduced sale prices. Tons of options are under $15 and there are even some pieces that are under $5! Head on over and treat yourself to some much needed retail therapy without breaking the bank.

Plus, ASOS is simply fantastic in that they offer free shipping on every purchase. No more disappointment due to the fact that your shipping costs five times more than the item you want. No more hunting around for free shipping codes. No need to add random things to your cart to achieve a certain subtotal that grants free shipping.  If you just want a $2 ring, you’ll pay $2 and nothing more!

Plus #2, if you are a student, you can sign up for UNiDAYS and receive an additional 10% off discount!

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said ASOS was practically giving stuff away.

Happy shopping!


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