We are the Dartmouth Fashion Council. We are not here to be the campus fashion police. It is our mission to change the largely negative perception of fashion by making it all-inclusive. We believe that everyone should always feel great no matter what they are wearing and we will try our best to represent all styles. We embrace all body shapes and sizes, races, clothing budgets and genders.

If you’d like to get involved with the DFC or would like to contact us, please email Dartmouth.Fashion.Council@dartmouth.edu

Meet The Council!

Audrey Djiya

Audrey Djiya '17
Audrey Djiya ’17

Hi! I’m Audrey Djiya and I’m a ’17. I was born in Queens, New York but moved out of the city to Milford, Pennsylvania when I was three years old. Growing up in a small town, I wasn’t surrounded by many fashion-forward people. Despite this, I had an obsession with anything that had to do with clothes. I subscribed to Teen Vogue and looked forward to getting my monthly magazines so I could absorb every single piece of advice. I watched What Not to Wear and Project Runway to learn the ins and outs of looking presentable and making other people look presentable. I followed every fashion week, and dreamed of sitting front row.  I started to design my own clothing at a very young age and started a weekly fashion newsletter for other students in my 5th grade class. In middle school, my passion for fashion continued and I dreamed one day of being editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, or even just being a creative director. As I started high school, my dreams of making a break in the fashion industry fizzled, but my passion never did and it still continues on today.

Currently at Dartmouth, I’m most likely going to major in psychology in hopes of continuing on to grad school to become a clinical psychologist. Although my career plans have changed, fashion is still a part of my life as I stay conscious of what I wear every day, and also as a blogger for the DFC! My other interests outside of psychology and fashion include singing, dancing, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends/kids. I’m looking forward to being able to explore my interests here at Dartmouth for the next four years!

My posts can be found here.


 Gina D’Andrea-Penna

Gina D'Andrea-Penna '16
Gina D’Andrea-Penna ’16

Hi, I’m Gina, a ’16 from the small town of Brunswick, Maryland. I have numerous interests, including long-distance running, reading and writing, art, and—of course—fashion! From a young age I have loved to observe current styles, and I always take pride in finding a good bargain. In my free time on campus, I like to act in the Ten-Minute Play Festivals, chat with friends, and enjoy the outdoors. In the years to come, I’d like to major in neuroscience and perform and write about research on the brain.

My posts can be found here.
Lauren Gatewood
Lauren Gatewood '14
Lauren Gatewood ’14

My name is Lauren Gatewood ’14 and I’m a Japanese major, Studio Art minor from Las Vegas, NV. I am involved on campus as a co-president of Dartmouth Japan Society, vice-president of the Dartmouth Glee Club, a member of X.ado, part of the Navigators Christian Fellowship, the Apologia, and Big Brother Big Brother Big Sister. I love fashion photography and my biggest pet peeve is socks with high heels.

My posts can be found here.
Leigh Goulbourne
Leigh Goulbourne '17
Leigh Goulbourne ’17
Hello my fellow fashionistas-in-the-making! I hail from NYC- aka the fashion capital of the world. Being constantly surrounded by eccentric styles and daring trends, I love to venture out of my comfort zone, ESPECIALLY when it comes to colors and my beloved scarves. If I had to put a label on my style, it would be hipster preppy. I love to look polished when I leave my dorm, but I try not to fall into the Dartmouth preppy look all the time. It’s fun to try new things, and my best looks have happened when I felt a little unsure! Comfort is the most important thing for me. What’s the point of looking good when you feel crappy? It’s totally possible to have both!
Favorite Trend: Oversized sweaters over leggings. Panty lines be damned!
My posts can be found here.
Lizzy Jones
Lizzy Jones '17
Lizzy Jones ’17

Hey, I’m Lizzy Jones, a ’17 from East Aurora, New York!  My small town roots fuel my love for boho chic styles and thrift shops.  I also thoroughly enjoy wearing articles of clothing that others take as a joke.  (Make no mistake: my puppy sweater is as real as it gets.)  Whether I’m donning a dress or a pair of sweats, there’s usually a beanie on my head, which makes me particularly easy to identify on campus – at least until the winter months kick in.  Besides sharing my taste in music with the world via blogging, I’m addicted to perusing stores online and making wishlists that I can’t afford as well as veggin’ out on my futon and consuming hours upon hours of bad Netflix series.

On campus, I’m a member of the Dartmouth Women’s Rugby Club and can often be found at the East Wheelock Snack Shack, devouring all of their Rice Krispie treats.  With the intentions of becoming a translator and traversing the universe, I would like to study foreign languages here at Dartmouth.  Short term goals for this year include meeting new people, learning how to play the banjo, and perhaps finally figuring out how to use chopsticks.
Check me out via the internets anytime:
Instagram: lizzyjones_
Twitter: jonesee212
My posts can be found here.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Let us know!

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